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We started in 1983 searching books by hand, pulling files and making copies and having daily personal contact with employees at each of the many jurisdictions we visited. Now, with technology playing such a vital role in our industry, we treasure the personal contact we do have with the jurisdictions we deal with daily. Most importantly, we value our personal relationships with our clients. Your confidence and trust in us is what makes us successful. Please explore our site and the services we offer and let us know how we can serve you!

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is excited to be celebrating its 30th year in business next June
2013.  Proudly serving the legal, banking
and mortgage industries with personal service, accurate and timely results, and

 Spotlight Archive
  • UCC Services

    We office at the state level, so we're there every day. So, in addition to being on-line for corporate and UCC services, we're interacting with the ...

     UCC Services
  • Liens / Litigiation

    Have access to every county nationwide, so every courthouse is at our fingertips for pulling cases, making copies or general research.

     Liens & Litigation
  • Corporate Services

    We'll walk you through the complete process of registering your business, whatever type it may be. That includes advancing fees, retrieving ...

     Corporate Services
  • Registered Agent Services

    If you have a business in Utah or are planning on bringing a business to Utah, we offer registered agent representation. We have a permanent...

     Agent Services
  • Real Estate Research Services

    You need look no further for information on that property you've found. We'll check ownership, find mortgages, liens, value, zoning, tax amounts, etc.

     Real Estate Services
  • Intellectual Property Services

    You protect your assets such as your home, cars, etc. We will protect your intangible assets such as logos, slogans and business names, etc.

     Intellectual Property Services
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