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The Retrieval CompanyTM Covering the United States and Canada.

All-Search will handle the complete process of registering a business, whatever type of business it may be.  That included walking filings to the Corporations Division, advancing fees, and obtaining certified or non-certified copies, etc.  All-Search & Inspection, Inc. is also UTAH’S REGISTERED AGENT FOR SERVICE OF PROCESS AND CORRESPONDENCE FORWARDING.  From reserving a business name to registering a business to checking status of a business, All-Search is your liaison in Utah.

Articles of Incorporation               Limited Liability Companies                      Sole Propietorships                      Name Reservations

Withdrawals                                         Amendments, Mergers, Reinstatements                 Foreign Qualifications            Annual Reports

Good Standing Certificates            …and many other services


is excited to be celebrating its 30th year in business next June
2013.  Proudly serving the legal, banking
and mortgage industries with personal service, accurate and timely results, and

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